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Our Policies

We Will Rebuild New Zealand Back Into a Democracy

  • Re-Write the Government Constitution
  • Write a People's Constitution
  • Write a real Bill of Rights 

We Will Restore Government Integrity

  • The Government structure and laws will include Checks and Balances
  • The Government Constitution will add Transparency as a legal requirement to all levels of government
  • The Government Constitution will ensure Accountability as a statutory provision to all offices and departments of government.


Repairing the Economy and Business

We will take a sensible approach to develop real solutions that will get New Zealand out of this financial disaster we now have as a result of the handling of the COVID-19 issue. Productivity and revenue generation to pay back huge debt along with business support will be our focus.

Before we can move forward on defining a financial future, we need to get a clear picture of what the previous governments have gotten us into. That can only happen with a complete investigation into the past governments' agreements and financial dealings and by completely uncovering all that has been hidden at Parliament, Treasury, and the Reserve Bank. Repairing the Economy starts with knowing first where we stand.


We Will Ensure that Public Health and Safety is a Prime Mandate

  • The Bill of Rights will establish a legal framework where people's right to safety is a primary goal over corporate profits.
  • We will ensure that an independent People's Commission will be set up to investigate and research:
    • 5G technology application in populations – update the legislation that regulates its use; fluoridation in water; vaccines and the CDC; Pharmac; 1080 use; industrial products and waste; consumer products; food products safety.
  • The Territorial Boundary of New Zealand will be changed to include 200 nautical miles above and below the country, ensuring our right to security from satellites/space vehicles and subterranean devices. 


Healthcare Will Be Restored to Prevention Instead of Drug Profits

We believe that ALL health and medical practices should be based on real and honest science and not just the relationships with drug manufacturers.

We will review ALL current agreements between the government and drug companies and we will appoint an independent board that will conduct the research on these agreements and the products involved.

We view that proven natural human immune system boosting options should be of equal importance in the medical sphere. Prevention rather than intervention is the health goal.

People have been asking for alternative cancer and seizure therapies that work for other countries but yet are denied in New Zealand. We will bring them here.

The Bill of Rights will establish protocols where achieving health is based on the responsibility of the person and their needs rather than quotas.

Healthcare Begins at Home
Cold, mildewed, mouldy, dark, and drafty houses are a major factor behind poor health. It is time that HOUSING and building laws incorporate robust health standards (not just minimums) as part of normal design and function.

Mandatory Vaccination is a Violation of Human Rights
Discrimination Based on 'Vaccine Compliance' is a Violation of Rights
The Section 11 orders in the "COVID-19 Public Health Response Act" that "require compliance with any measures, or impose prohibitions that contribute or are likely to contribute to preventing the risk of the outbreak or spread of COVID-19" can be made to include mandatory vaccination. This Act will be repealed.


We Will Ensure that Actual Environmental Protection is Achieved

  • The Bill of Rights will establish a legal framework for the protection of the environment over self-interest and corporate interest.
    • Such as farm chemicals and waste, pest-control poisons (1080), GMOs, insecticides, fertilisers, waterway and land usage
    • We are against 1080 and will demand a full investigation into its abuse.

We Will Ensure that a Balance of Nature (Flora and Fauna) to Human Society is Achieved

  • The Bill of Rights will establish a philosophy of Stewardship through a legal and societal framework.
    • Such as fishing quotas and management, flora and fauna protection, humane treatment of animals and stock, the protection and management of all levels of our biosphere


We Will Provide Assurances that Investment into New Zealand and by New Zealand are Transparent and Adhere to Ethical Guidelines

  • The sources and origin of investment money into New Zealand is transparent and does not compete with local businesses.
  • The end products from investment spend needs to be ethical from investment into or from New Zealand.


We Will Fully Investigate and Remove Any and All United Nations (UN) Agendas and Agreements from New Zealand Government and Society if They Do Not Serve the People of New Zealand.

  • We are self-governed and will not be subject to a loss of sovereignty by decree, agreement, or treaty.
  • We will use the People's Independent Commission to fully investigate past Governments and individuals who have signed New Zealand to any agreements of a Relational, Trade or Treaty type whereby it is evident that they do not serve the interests of New Zealand.


The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Has Been Fully Implicated in Funding New Zealand's Main Political Parties – Labour and National.

  • We will use the People's Independent Commission to fully investigate how funds have arrived in New Zealand and for what purpose.
  • We will seek to structure processes so that unwanted CCP influence in New Zealand business and political affairs is prevented.


The Recognised Founding Documents of New Zealand Will Have Their Place in the New People's Constitution

There are nearly a dozen historical documents that have been involved in the creation of New Zealand. However, it has been far easier to simply ignore them to history, only pulling them out when needing to make a statement, rather than confront the truth of their design. This purposeful avoidance of our beginnings has also been the core source of much of our recurring societal problems.

The Treaty of Waitangi issues, in particular, have been politicised, exploited, and used as a dividing force instead of being addressed for far too long. As part of the People's Constitution writing, the Treaty will finally have a chance to be heard and understood without an agenda. That is fairness to all sides regardless of number or size.