Kia Ora Whanau.

I'm writing this to bring to your attention a matter that has caused us some distress, and a lot of time, in the past few weeks.

Today we received contact from a journalist who has some internal party documents relating to finances. These documents came from an individual who has since departed our party, and who we have had to correspond with via legal letters. The document that is an incomplete first draft of koha payments is being shared around. The document is now out of date and was only held by three people in our party: the person in question, Michael Stace (NZPP Party Director), and myself, Billy Te Kahika.

The kaupapa of our party is that we bring to light in the most transparent way possible and threats to our movement. NZPP is a people’s movement, it is your party and your voice. We are here to serve you.

Rather than allow a journalist to spin information and attempt to further one person's smear campaign against us and against you, we are releasing the documents in full, together with two legal letters we have had to send to this person. The only redactions are to protect the privacy of individuals.

To avoid any doubt, at all times we have acted within the law, we have acted with integrity, and we have acted transparently. We have no legal requirement to release these documents, but we are doing so to be transparent with you all.

This movement started to challenge the powers that be and stand up for the rights, freedoms and interests of the New Zealand Public. We are and always will be focussed on that.

Here is a link to our PDFs:

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