Billy Te Kahika

There have been a number of competitor party and media false accusations made about Billy and his service in the NZ Army, Police and Ministry and as ever from day one Billy has made his history clear to everyone. As Billy says; ‘You are allowed to have mistakes in your past - Don’t let them become skeletons’, ‘I am a real person with my bruises and scrapes from life but I have nothing to hide’.

‘I hope these questions and answers help you to know me better’.

  1. Did Billy serve in the Military?

Yes - he served from July 2001 until January 2003 and served at 3 Auck North Regiment in Auckland and attended and completed All Arms Basic Training course, Royal NZ Army Logistics Corp Training and served as an attached soldier to the Military Police HQ at Trentham Army Camp in Wellington whilst awaiting the commencement of the Military Police Corps Training.  The course was cancelled due to lack of applicants and Billy returned to his home unit after a month.  

  1. Did he complete introductory courses for the NZ Military Intelligence Corp and what did he learn and what happened next?  Did he ever claim he was a member of the NZ Military Intelligence Corps?

No: It is a false claim that Billy said that he was a member of the NZ Military Intelligence Corps.

Yes:  Billy completed courses across several weeks that were the pre-Corps Training courses before entry into the NZ Military Intelligence Corps. During this course, he was taught basic Military Intelligence competencies across a range of topics and successfully completed and passed these courses but was not successful in his application to going into the Corps.

  1. Did Billy ever claim in his presentations that he was a member of the 1NZ SAS Group?

No: this is a false claim, he has never said that. Billy was approved by his unit, 3 Auck North, to attend the SAS Selection course but he left the Army prior to its start date.

  1. Did Billy serve in the NZ Police and did he resign while at Police College? Did he get caught drinking at a bar in Porirua in his Police Uniform and does he have criminal convictions?

After Billy had served as a volunteer helping to run the Hunters Plaza Community Policing Office and after the Army, Billy joined the NZ Police in 2003 after recruiting to join after.  Billy had told two Police Recruiters that when he was 16 or 17 years of age he had been arrested because of being caught smoking a cannabis joint.  Billy was not convicted and told the recruiters about this who promptly told him it was nothing to be concerned with and to carry on to Police College. Down at Police College Billy was impressed that this was something that should have been declared and he so did and an enquiry was made into this matter of a few weeks. During the enquiry, it was revealed to Billy that the two recruiters who meant no harm who had recruited Billy would be in trouble if he stayed on the course so he resigned.

No: The claim Billy was caught drinking in his uniform in a Porirua bar is completely false and Billy has no convictions of any kind. 

  1.  Has Billy actually worked with helping homeless people in Auckland or this is false?

This is true:  Billy has a small Ministry of service where he and his wife feed and clothe homeless people in Central Auckland during winter. Due to this campaign, this has been put on hold.

  1. Has Billy ever said that COVID-19 is a hoax?

No: this a false claim. Advance NZ/NZPP believe that there are serious and important questions that need to be asked about the government’s response to COVID-19 and the rapid destruction of Democracy as the result of it.