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The New Zealand Public Party was formed by Billy Te Kahika in response to the blatant injustice and tyranny being hurled upon the New Zealand people by the Labour/NZ First/Green government.

Reclaim New Zealand for ALL the People – is the main goal and message.
It is time.

Reset New Zealand Party 

The first party to join forces with NZPP is the Reset New Zealand Party, which was founded by Private Investigator and Intelligence Analyst, Michael Stace.

Reset NZ Party logo h 2

ResetNZ brings with them decades of investigation expertise and the uncovering of the truth behind WHY things never change in government, regardless of which colour is in power.

Michael was the one who discovered that the New Zealand Government has been manipulating a purposefully included loophole in the Bill of Rights Act (1990) to write legislation that LEGALLY REMOVES YOUR RIGHTS without any due process or consultation. 

Check out what they found and how they are helping us reclaim New Zealand:


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